Tuesday, April 24, 2018

😊 8 Surprising Facts about the Happy Bob Ross 🌲

I remember many a Sunday spent falling asleep to Bob Ross. I grew up out in the country in the 80s. We didn't have cable, we didn't have a satellite, and we did have a party line. When I was little, I always thought I fell asleep because he was boring. Now I know, that Bob Ross was just relaxing. In fact, his ability to relax people inspired an entire culture called ASMR

Here are some facts about the beloved painter, Bob Ross. 

  • One of the signatures of the Bob Ross personality was his curly, bushy hair. It wasn't a natural look for him, he permed his hair to achieve the halo. He actually started to hate his hair, but he did not cut it because he knew the marketing value of personal branding. 

  • Bob Ross was in the Airforce for 20 years. He enlisted in 1961 and left the service in 1981. He was a drill sergeant. Although he was full-time in the service, he still sold his paintings part-time. After having the personality of a drill sergeant, he decided to live a much calmer, quieter life which showed through in his work and demeanor. 

  • Born in Daytona, Florida October 29, 1942, he died in New Smyrna Beach, Florida on July 4, 1995. He lived in various places during his time in the Air Force and took his first painting class in Anchorage, Alaska while stationed there.

  • Bob Ross was diagnosed with lymphoma in 1994. This was the reason he retired, with his last show being May 17, 1994. He died one year later. As a private man, he kept his illness a secret from the public. A statement was released after his death verifying that he had died from cancer. 

  • His voice was so relaxing, it was once compared to "Demerol". It was one of the inspirations for the ASMR movement. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and is described as a relaxing, euphoric tingling. 

  • The signature style that Bob Ross used is called "Wet on Wet". It allows a user to complete a painting in one sitting in about an hour's time. He learned the technique from William Alexander. He received his own show, The Joy of Painting, on PBS and started a line of videos, books, art supplies, and even "Bob Ross" trained instructors.
  • As a child and teenager, he filled his time rescuing animals. He carried that love of animals into adulthood frequently having animals on his show. Wherever he lived, he supported local animal shelters with time and/or money. 

  • One of the most known things about Bob Ross is his expressions. In his soothing, low-keyed voice, he would say the most gentle things. "Happy Little Trees", "Happy Accidents", and "Pretty Little Mountains", were some of the turns of phrase he used. It is so well known, that my mom found the tin of mints pictured above - happy little mints.
Do you have any Bob Ross memories? If you have a favorite episode or special time when you would watch "The Joy of Painting", please let us know in the comments!!