Saturday, February 10, 2018

👻Ouija Board-True Mysteries #3👾

I am hard-pressed to think of any occult symbolism as well-known as the Ouija Board. For decades, people have tried to explain it, people have tried to ban it, and people have uttered tales of fear and horror of it to their friends and family.

As a teenager, I had a friend who had the Parker Brothers game version of the Ouija Board. It was absolutely terrifying which made it so fun to play. 

What are the mechanics behind it?

How Does It Work?

The most accepted answer is that the people playing it are subconsciously pushing it. It is known as the ideomotor effect. When people are asked, "Are you pushing it?", they truthfully answer, "NO!". "Oh My God, it is moving by itself!!" Of course, we assume it is, because our conscious self is not the one pushing it. 

The people playing it really believe they are not pushing it, but everyone is actually pushing it. This is the reason why teenagers looking to scare themselves always get tales of murder and mayhem. People seeking to know the future receive answers about loves to come and paths to take. Ones that are hoping to talk to loved ones past are greeted with words and answers that only the deceased could know.

Real, Useful, Evil?

Is that truly all there is to it? The instructions on how to safely use any spirit board are numerous and are put out there by people who really think this stuff is real. You can find almost an equal number of sites saying it is real, and it is evil and demonic. These people usually believe that you are pushing it subconsciously, but spirits are acting on your subconscious to make you push it where they want it to go. One rule that spirit "professionals" have - always play with three or more people. The one asking the questions is not one of the ones running the planchette. That way, you reduce the attachment to the answers of the people pushing it. 

Honestly, I usually believe it is a bunch of "hocus pocus", and you get the answers you are looking for.

Or is it?

My Story

On the night of a friend's slumber party, we decided to break out the Ouija Board. It was stored in one of those entertainment cabinets with the other board games. You know, one of those 1970s monstrosities that housed stereos, records, TVs, and whatever else passed as entertainment in the days before the internet. 

We all had nervous giggles as we took it out of the box and placed it on the hardwood floor. Some people refused to play but still wanted to watch, while some of us were bickering over who got to run the planchette first. I don't think we called it "planchette", but my memories fail me. Maybe you, dear reader, can put in the comments what your teenage self called it. 

Anyways, we settled in and started the game.

As it is for most young people, the board did not disappoint. We were entertained with tales of murder and trapped spirits. We talked to a little boy who fearfully showed us that "Ouija" was coming, and he had to leave. We got a prank phone call (which was common with children and teens of the 80s and early 90s) and was convinced it was an entity of the spirit realm reaching out to haunt us. 

At one point, in fear, we screamed and pushed the planchette off the board and ran from the room. 

We then laughed as we made a few prank phone calls ourselves and ate a few slices of pizza. When we returned to the room, the planchette was set on the board, ready for more play. 

We all swore we didn't put it there. We all agreed that none of us could have put it there as we were all together in the other room. We were freaked out and fearful, and hurriedly put the spirits back into the box, and back into the entertainment center where they could bother us no more, but over the years, we would tell and re-tell the story of when the Ouija Board set itself up for another session. 

Do you think someone actually went back in, unnoticed, and set the board up? Do you believe it was an omen from beyond the veil? Do you have any frightful stories of personal Ouija Board sessions?

Share with us in the comment section!

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