Friday, February 2, 2018

๐ŸŽ†One Nation Divided Under ....๐Ÿฆ…

I know the entire pledge, but I wanted to stop at that word because this isn't about religion. I read the news today and shake my head and wonder how anyone can garnish even one nugget of truth from it.

People blame the media, blame the politicians, blame the conservatives, blame the liberals, blame black people, blame white people and so on and so forth. Maybe it is time to place the blame where it goes.


We the people keep voting in the same corrupt people over and over. Using the guise of "lesser of the two evils", we vote evil in every single election. The system is broken. Until people stop seeing democrats and republicans as the only choices nothing will change.

Speaking of voting, the President of the United States has very little power, yet many people only vote in that election. To see true change, everyone must vote every election - from the presidency down to your local city and school officials. Every time a vote is up, you need to get down there.

Speaking of getting down to vote, it needs to be easier to vote. People who drop the kids at daycare, go to work for 10 hours, and then pick up the kids from daycare do not have time to vote. I know it should be someone's civic duty to vote, but maybe we could make it a little easier for all people to share their voice.

Needing to be Right

I don't remember a time when our country has been so divided. Women want to look sexy and desirable, but get angry when men find them sexy and desirable. Women try to force the banning of certain jobs that demoralize and objectify women, and when successful, put women out of work who were just fine with their jobs.

It seems like white people hate black people, and everyone hates white people. The past was terrible, but how do we move past that? People are terrible today, but how do we keep that from dividing the rest of us? I feel like the majority of people, who are on the middle ground, are hijacked by the far left and the far right every day.

No one can compromise on anything. We all have to be right all the time. We would rather carry a tattered battle cry to the grave than to be more tolerant of others - more forgiving of others - and more responsible for ourselves instead of always pointing fingers everywhere else.

Legislating Morality

If you don't agree with something, then don't do it! If you and your religion don't support homosexuality, then don't marry them. However, they pay taxes, too. They should have the civil liberties anyone else has. That being said, if you are a privately owned business and don't want to bake a cake, you shouldn't have to. I wouldn't want someone who hates me baking my cake anyway. I don't need that kind of negative energy in my life.

People use religious books to discriminate, hate, kill, and vilify anyone. It's ridiculous. If you agree with them, great, follow the teachings that don't include killing and hurting other people. If you don't agree, great do what you think is best, but don't hurt the people who are following religions.

If you take the time to look at the "war on opiates", you can see the more pain pills were legislated, the more people turned to unreliable street drugs, the more people used street drugs, the more people died - and are still dying. Addiction is a human condition. Whether it is sex, shopping, drugs and alcohol, lying, or gambling, it will always be around and no amount of laws will fix that, no amount of punishment will fix that, and no amount of deaths will fix that.

Instead of passing laws that are ineffective, maybe try showing some kindness to someone, reach out to someone, and love someone who you feel is undeserving of your love.

Patriotism and the Fall

The "Tao Te Ching" has a segment that goes something like this - When the nation falls into chaos, patriotism is born. - It doesn't mean that in a good way. Patriotism is born from fear and false righteousness. Instead of digging in and finding a way to live and let live, people start waving their flag and condemning others.

I hope everyone understands that I am not only speaking of politics here. When you are holding on so tight to your "right and wrong" that you are hurting others, then all you are doing is hurting yourself. You are not "winning".

Hate breeds hate. If we would all start being nicer to each other, a little more understanding of each other, and a little more critical of ourselves, maybe we could stop this division. No one ever changes their mind from being called names, screamed at, and vilified. In fact, no one needs to change to be like anyone else. Everyone is doing their best. Yes, some people's "best" doesn't seem that great, but if they could do better, they would.

Blame Game

I hope you can tell where the blame is now. It's on me, it's on you, it's on all of us on this spinning ball.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Live and let live. Maybe it is time to use these old cliches as mantras.