Saturday, February 10, 2018

👪My Grandmother's Poetry Part 2✍️

My grandmother (Tattan) had a strong faith and a strong belief in family ties. She was often depressed and anxious. Poetry was an escape for her - a way to get her thoughts out.

Her poetry was often scribbled on little pieces of whatever paper was nearby. At one point, she did write most of them down in a book, but those pieces of paper were still shoved in its pages. Some have dates and titles, some do not.

With permission, I am sharing her verses of hope, pain, love, and God. This is number 1 of the series.

I hope you enjoy!

A picture of her beloved Oklahoma

Some “Better”, Some “Worse” In Rhyme and Verse  

Mystery of Life Grows Deeper 
When I was young, oh so very young,  
my life had been lived, and my song was sung. 
So I wed a good man because I thought why not,  
though my dreams are gone, my life is not. 

Then I born a child so sweet and fair, 
with soft brown eyes and golden hair. 
She was my pride, she was my joy, 
and I had a reason for living! 

Oh, we loved her so and we saw her mature. 
Of her sweet love, we were very sure. 
She was sweet and mild such a pleasant child, 
she was our reason for living! 

Then she left and went away, 
and returned again with us to stay. 
She was with child, our darling girl, 
and our hearts and our home we were glad to unfurl! 

Then she born a child so sweet and fair, 
with soft brown eyes and golden hair. 
He was our pride he was our joy, 
we had another reason for living! 

Now they’re both gone to another home, 
just you and I, aren’t we so alone? 
All our love for them, she doesn’t want to share, 
and our broken hearts, she doesn’t seem to care. 

Where are our beautiful children? 

My Prayer 
Our father, which art in heaven hallowed be Thy name. 
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. 

Don’t hide thy face from me, oh Lord, 
Help me in my pain, 
And if it’s Thy will that this should be, 
Don’t let it be in vain. 

Lead me, Lord, guide my way, I’m lost and all alone. 
Take my hand and lead me Lord to the light that’s always shown 
For those who lose their way upon the sea of life. 
O Savior guide me home. 

Bless those we love and guide them too, don’t let them lose their way. 
Let them feel our love and understand, 
Oh Lord help us all I pray. 

Forgive me, Father, I’m not worthy to call upon Thy name, 
But for mercy mild upon Thy lost child, 
I pray You love me just the same. 

Forgive me Lord, and thank you, for all that You gave, 
Don’t leave me, now I’m so afraidYour love our souls please save. 

My Prayer 
If I could have everything, and not share, I would have nothing, and my soul would die in the darkness, where no sunshine from the Loved One’s appreciation would flourish it to grow. 
God grant that I may never become a selfish, hollow person of wealth, for worldly things are but the trappings of hell.  
He is far wealthier that giveth all he has for the love of humanity, to ease the pains and sufferings of others, for wherein lies the healing power of the soul. 

Mansion of My Heart 
In this mansion of my heart, there’s many souls who dwell. 
Precious ones whom in my life I’ve grown to love so well. 

There’s my precious loving mama who suffered so to give me birth,  
All the love I have to give her another equal her worth. 

There’s my precious loving daddy who slaved to give me life,  
He’s worked so hard and oh so long, Lord let me love him and never cause him strife. 

My beloved parents helped me build this mansion grand,  
And taught me not to build it on shifting drifting sand.  

But on a firm foundation of love and faith and trust,  
So this mansion of mine will never crumble to ruins and dust. 

Each loved one has their special room, their memories do abide, 
And no matter where they ever roam, they are always here, inside. 

There are brothers and sisters and childhood scenes, 
Mates, children, relatives, and dreams. 

My husband, my daughter, her mate and children, too, 
 Old friends and new ones - There’s room for you, too! 

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