Tuesday, February 6, 2018

๐Ÿ’›My Grandmother's Poetry Part 1๐Ÿ•†

My grandmother (Tattan) had a strong faith and a strong belief in family ties. She was often depressed and anxious. Poetry was an escape for her - a way to get her thoughts out.

Her poetry was often scribbled on little pieces of whatever paper was nearby. At one point, she did write most of them down in a book, but those pieces of paper were still shoved in its pages. Some have dates and titles, some do not.

With permission, I am sharing her verses of hope, pain, love, and God. This is number 1 of the series.

I hope you enjoy!

A picture of her beloved Oklahoma

Some “Better”, Some “Worse” In Rhyme and Verse  


There is a beautiful new flower blooming 
In our Father’s garden 
Fresh with morning dew- 
She’s all aglow with color and youth! 
And she’s smiling down on you. 


I have old memories, but young hope! 
For I think of the land of no sorrow, think of the land of no fears, 
think of no death and no sickness, think of the land of no tears! 
When family and friends, no differences to mar or deplore, 
will all walk in love and affection, eternally on the other shore. 


Homesick - searching - looking and not finding, but pressure to keep running, looking, and even dreaming of that non-existing beautiful place that haunts and entices, “Come” “Come”, and holds out the answers just out of reach of our tired and weary heart.  
And yet, thrills our senses to the chase, the next mountain, the next valley, and we feel an awful need for the chase. So on we run, until finally worn, weary, tired, heartbroken, until we realize - as old age creeps upon us - it was all in vain.  
All a haunting vision, a restless journey to nowhere, for the place we’ve looked for was within us all the time, and found, not in running, not in searching, but in dying, to finally arrive at our destination = Heavens Open Door! 


We live – we die amidst heartache and pain, joys and sorrows, sunshine and rain.  
Some days are diamonds. They shimmer and glow. 
Some like hardstone, rough you know!  
But all our hard walk on this earth we tried. That’s why we need our Savior God to lead us to heaven and perfect days. 


When I was young, so very young, the world I thought I could change. 
Tried so hard each treacherous yard and gleaned much heartache, strife, and pain. 
Still, I thought you had control, to right the wrongs I saw, to change all around me every single flaw. 
In middle age I became a Sage with so much wise advice, most folks were kind about it but wouldn’t listen twice! 
But right before old age came I came to realize, I’m not here to control the world - to cut it down to size. 
I can’t even control myself and change what I am, who am I to tell another that their soul is damned? 
The only prayer left to me is "Lord change the world, don’t let it change me."
 Take away the anger it stirs up, the depression and despair, the suspicious trust, the utter disgust, just fill my heart with prayer. 

Gone! Gone! Way up higher – taken by his holy fire; to his holy court above, waiting for those precious souls I love. 
Now, don’t you cry and don’t you weep, live your life - and your soul you keep clean and clear, full of love, will meet again in his court above – to live throughout eternity forever together we will be. 

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