Thursday, January 25, 2018

25 Cat Breeds 🐈with Photos😺

Many people don't know that there are cat breeds just as there are dog breeds. If you are like me, the cat chooses you, not the other way around.

Someday, I am hoping to actually choose a cat and get a hairless breed. If that isn't your cup of ☕, here are 25 more cat breeds to choose from.

Abyssinian - Also known as the "Aby", these are the stereotypical curious cat. These active cats do not make great lounging partners, but their active lifestyle makes for great entertainment. They are a medium size cat that comes in a variety of colors.


American Shorthair - Like many Americans, this breed can trace its ancestors all the way back to the Mayflower. When you decide this is the breed for you, you still never know what you will get. They come in over 75 different color combinations and almost as many personality variations.

American Shorthair

Bengal - A cross between the wild Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic cat, the Bengal is energetic, intelligent, and wildly unpredictable (in only the best sense of the word). If you are fond of curios and knick-knacks, this is not the breed for you.

Birman -  With blue eyes and white fur, and distinctive markings, these long-haired beauties are a thing of dreams and fairytales. They even have a rich history of folklore associated with them. If you are looking for a cat that is loving and snuggly, this may be the perfect cat breed for you.

British Shorthair - Known by many as the Cheshire Cat in Alice and Wonderland, this fur-ball has chubby cheeks and plush fur. One of the oldest cats in Great Britain, these short-haired beings are rather cautious. They do not like to be held or carried.
British Shorthair

Burmese - A relatively new breed, the Burmese breed was made by crossing an Asian domestic cat with a Siamese cat. A constant companion, these four-legged family members love to be in the middle of anything that is going on.

Chartreux - An old French breed, this cat is very intelligent and well suited for domestic life. They are highly trainable learning to play fetch, learning to "sit", and learning to walk on a leash. They are double coated which makes them extra poofy, so will need extra grooming.

Cornish Rex - Looking like it walked out of Egypt, the Rex cats are small and elegant. While they do shed, it is not as bad as some other cat breeds. Affectionate and playful, they make great companions for human families.
Cornish Rex (small cat)

Don Sphynx - A nearly hairless cat, the Sphynx is a polarizing animal. Many people (like me!!) love them, but others find them creepy or gross. They need sweaters for cold weather and sunscreen outside. Many compare the feel of their skin to suede leather. They are loving and happy, and they love to play.
Don Sphynx

Exotic Shorthair - With a sweet demeanor and short hair, these furry friends look similar to a Persian. Made from crossing a Persian with a British Shorthair, they retain the benefits of both breeds - relaxed and good-natured despite their appearance.
Exotic Shorthair

German Rex - Developed in the 1950s, this breed almost died out. Luckily, some dedicated cat lovers are making sure this breed can be enjoyed by future generations. This fur-ball is nervous in new situations but is curious and loving in its home. Their distinctive coat has curls.
German Rex

Himalayan - A cross between a Persian and a Siamese, the Himalayan has the ice blue eyes that make those breeds so popular. Also known as the Colorpoint Longhair, this breed is valued around the world. They are calm and gentle and do better as the only kitty in the kastle.

Korat - This breed is originally from Thailand and is believed to be over 1,000 years old. Their eyes will change over the course of a couple years to reach their usual green shade. Korat's love to play and climb. They also have a variety of vocalizations that they "sing" out.

Maine Coon - These fur-babies are huge, bushy cats. Kittens for life, they love playing fetch and chase with their people. They are great with kids and dogs. If you need a family pet that is still skilled at keeping down the vermin population, this is a breed to consider.
Main Coon

Manx - With no tail, the Manx cat is still able to balance like..well..a cat. Depending on ancestry, members of this breed can have no tail or just a stub of varying lengths. They are friendly and will get along with everyone in the house no matter the species.

Norweigan Forest Cat - With waterproof fur and superior hunting abilities, this Viking breed is great for cooler temperatures. They are independent and sturdy needing some socialization to be a loving house cat. They are the official cat of Norway.
Norwegian Forest Cat

Oriental Shorthair - This unique cat comes in a variety of patterns and colors, but they are instantly recognizable by their big bat-like ears. Small and muscular, they are excellent climbers. They love playing by leaps and bounds. They are very playful and never serious.
Oriental Shorthair

Persian - The most popular breed worldwide, the Persian cat is poofy and soft. While most people visualize white fur with blue eyes, they can come in other color variations. These cats are gentle and prefer to be seated on someone's lap. They need daily grooming and brushing.

Ragdoll - These large felines can get to be 20 pounds. They need regular brushing to keep mats from forming, and they shed quite a bit. Outweighing that is their demeanor. They are great for children as they don't mind being carried around. They also like wearing outfits. A big plus, they don't jump up on things like some other cats.

Russian Blue - Bluish grey and tipped in silver, these cats are said to be descended from the houses of the old Russian czars. These intelligent fur-babies learn many words, so just like a dog, they may run when you say "bath". They are independent, but still like to play with family.
Russian Blue

Scottish Fold - These adorable, four-legged friends have the cutest ears that fold over. Well, not all of them fold, but the ones who don't are still pretty cute. The ones with folded ears are sought after for show cats and will cost more than ones with straight ears. Healthy and nice, either one makes a great pet.
Scottish Fold

Siamese - I don't think I have to say that these are the cats on Lady and the Tramp. They have many designs, but always a variety of creamy whites and browns and greys. These are a "talkative" breed and love spending time talking to their owners.

Siberian - The national cat of Russia, this breed was not developed. It came about naturally in the wilds of Russia. Strong and hardy, these cats can jump great distances and scale any bookshelf. They often will devote themselves to only one person in the family and may do better with singles or couples.

Singapura - With wide, expressive eyes, and small size ( 5-8 pounds full grown!!), these little dolls are like owning a live stuffed animal. They are mischevious and active. Make sure you are ready for one of these little dynamites before you bring one home.

Tonkinese - These felines look like they just stepped out of a painting. Slim and lithe, they move with absolute grace and beauty. They love to climb - objects and people. Intelligent and out-going, you will need to "cat proof" your home.

So, what are you waiting for?!? Go get your cat, even if "your" cat is a tabby rescued from a shelter. (like all mine are)

Information compiled from online sites as well as The Complete Cat's Meow and The Cat Selector books.

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